The 53rd World Day of Social communication means was marked

On Sunday, September 29th in the parish of St. Joseph in Drvar the 53rd World Day of Social communication means was marked at the level of Bishop’s Conference of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BK BiH).


The Holy Mass was led by the Military Bishop of BiH, Msgr. Tomo Vukšić, President of the Council for the Media of the BK BiH, with the concelebration of Msgr. Ivo Tomašević, Secretary General of the BK BiH and Editor-in-Chief of the KTA, parish priest of Drvar rev. Davor Klečina, OFM Gabrijel Mioč, director and editor-in-chief of the monthly magazine Naša Ognjišta, p. Mate Anić, director and editor-in-chief of Radio Marija BiH, and OFM Marijan Karaula from the Franciscan magazine Svjetlo riječi.

At the beginning of the Holy Mass, parish priest Klečina greeted those present and thanked them for their arrival. He also reminded of this year’s Pope’s message for the 53rd World day of Social communication means, noting that news has also been spread through the media about Drvar, in which Catholics have been fighting for their rights for the past 20 years. He went on to say that commemorating this day right here meant that the Church in Bosnia and Herzegovina had not forgotten about this city.

Along with numerous believers who filled the renovated temporary sacral space, journalists of Radio Marija BiH, Katolički tjednik, Federal Television were also present at the Holy Mass celebration, and radio broadcasting of the Mass was broadcasted via Radio Marija to Radio Herceg-Bosna, Radio Livno and subsequently Radio Mir Međugorje.

The commemorative homily was said by Msgr. Vukšić.

Mass celebration was animated with harmonious singing by the choir of postulants and novices of the Franciscan Province of the Assumption of the BVM.

After the Holy Mass, Bishop Vukšić met with media staff at the monastery premises.