The cathedral parish in Sarajevo celebrated its patron

On the feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, on Friday, June 8th, the cathedral parish in Sarajevo celebrated its patron. The central Eucharistic celebration was led by OFM Velimir Bavrka, parish priest from Vitez.

Translated by: Ksneija Ninić

There were about 15 priests, parish priests of Sarajevo parishes or profesors from the Theology University in Sarajevo, concelebrating.

At the beginning of the Eucharistic celebration, the present were welcomed by the Cathedral parish priest and the Sarajevo Dean, venerable Marko Majstorović. In particular, he thanked the pilgrims from Neum who came to the grave of Josip Stadler reminding them that on the 8th of each month is time for pilgrimage to the cathedral to the tomb of the First High Archbishop of Vrhbosna. "Let us enter into this celebration with the heart believing that we are beloved of God, but also knowing that this love will never leave us", said venerable Majstorović.
In his sermon, OFM Velimir stressed that today it is difficult to live and be righteous, not just be a protocol Christian. He pointed out that it is difficult to speak for people or to bring them the truth that God is seeking a change in the life of a particular man.

He quoted two sacred examples of people who preached the truth and therefore had problems.
St. Teresa of Avila wanted root changes to her carmel order because she saw that it is not being lived the way it should. Just because she reminded that life should be lived to please God, and not the man, she was even threatened with inquisition. Then he described the example of St. John of the Cross who ended up in prison just because he asked people to live the way Christ had spoken.

"What is it in our lives that resists that we begin to preach the original teaching of Christ, and not some "lemonades" and "stirrings". We want to make surgical interventions, not change rhetoric and mentality, not a cosmetic change, but a real change that is conversion", said OFM Velimir and then mentioned the example of St. Joseph Moscati, a Naples-based physician who was the top diagnostician of the disease.

He pointed out that people today are hungry for the "living God," and encouraged them to "please God, not the world". "We see where we live and who drives us. Blinds lead us. We pray that politicians serve God, not the world", he said among other things in his sermon.
The celebration of the patron was preceded by a novena with appropriate topics, devotions, intercession prayers in front of the statue of the Heart of Jesus and Eucharistic celebrations.