The laying of wreaths and the Holy mass for the killed soldiers of the HVO

At the feast of the Lord's Ascension on May 30th, beside the Church of the Holy Trinity in Novo Sarajevo, wreaths for the killed and deceased soldiers of the HVO from Sarajevo, ie members of the Brigade "Kralj Tvrtko" were laid down, and then in the parish of the Assumption of BVM at Stup, a Holy mass was celebrated.

The wreaths were laid by the families of the defendants of the HVO Sarajevo, the coordination of the HVO Sarajevo Canton Associations and various delegations. There were also members of the Armed Forces of BiH, whose officers also laid the wreaths.

Prayer for the HVO defendants from Sarajevo was prayed by venerable Mladen Kalfić, chancellor of the Vrhbosna Archdiocese.

Then, in the church at Stup, the Eucharist was celebrated that was led by venerable Kalfić in concelebration with parish priest of Stup, rev. Miroslav Ćavar.

In his preaching, chancellor Kalfić talked about the feast of the Assumption of the Lord.

“As the Apostles filled with joy, accepted the plan of God with them, and in this openness to the Holy Spirit, the fruits of unity, solidarity, fraternity, friendship, faith, hope and love came into their lives. All these fruits are not unknown to us and we all in difficult times of war showed them to each other”, said, among other things the preacher, and wondered where community, goodness and love were lost today.

After the Mass, a gathering was held.

Let us remind, the HVO Brigade Kralj Tvrtko was founded in May 1992. and had 5,000 members, of which 102 were killed and 600 were wounded. In November 1993., HVO Sarajevo joined the Army of RBiH under the name of Croatian Brigade Kralj Tvrtko.