The "White Sisters" celebrated the day of their founder

In the monastery church of St. Vincent de Paul in Sarajevo on September 27th, the Sisters of Mercy celebrated the Feast of its Founder. The Holy Mass was on this occasion led by the Archbishop of Vrhbosna, cardinal Vinko Puljić.

In the monastery building that has been in the heart of Sarajevo since 1883., 11 priests have concelebrated with the Archbishop. Present believers, including the Sisters of Mercy, led by Provincial sister Julijana Djaković, as well as nuns from other congregations, were initially greeted by the newly appointed Rector of the Church of St. Vincent, venerable Mladen Kalfić, Chancellor of the Archdiocese of Vrhbosna. He emphasized that this was an opportunity to thank the sisters who came to the capital of BiH during the Ottomans, 148 years ago, and have been working in the local healthcare for a whole century.

Archbishop Vinko, who encouraged the sisters and all the faithful to renew their identity on this feast, added to the thought in the sermon. Among other things, from the biography of St. Vincent, born in 1581., he mentioned that he did not initially live a secular life, but as a pastor he “matured in grace” and first founded the Society of Lazarists and then, together with St. Louise de Marillac, Sisters of Mercy.

In the end, venerable Kalfić addressed the believers once again, congratulating sisters the patron and expressed the idea that this city would at least symbolically repay these nuns if it were to name the street where the monastery complex of St. Vincent is after them.

After the Holy Mass, a refreshment socialising was organized.

The church of St. Vincent, the sisters have built in 1883., and the land for the entire complex was donated to them a year earlier by the first Archbishop of Vrhbosna, the servant of God, Josip Stadler.