Thousands of people in the procession on Corpus Christi day

This year's celebration of Corpus Christi was celebrated in Stolac on June 20th. The believers of Stolac filled the parish church of St. Elijah the Prophet, and a part of the believers who could not be in the church, remained outside in front of the church and listened to the Mass through speakers.

The Holy mass was led by rev. Rajko Marković. First, the solemn procession from the sacristy entered the main church gate led by ministrants. In the procession were parish footballers with winning cups, medals and other sports awards, as this year the Stolac parish won for the third consecutive year the 16th finals of the KMNL of the Church in Croats in Varaždin.

Rev. Rajko preached in the appropriate words about the Feast of the Corpus Christi, and especially the respect for the Body and the Blood of Christ.

During the Holy mass, the Stolac’s parish choir Mlad sang, and the reading and praying of the faithful were led by young athletes from the parish.

At the end of the Eucharist, the parish priest announced a solemn procession that went through the city, many believers filled the streets of Stolac, and the procession walked through the city with the parish priest. In four stands - the altars: Podgrad, Station, Centre and Sv. Elijah square, parish priest made a blessing on all four sides of the world. When the procession came to the city centre, the city bells greeted the procession and the Holy altar sacrament.

After the procession around town, in the church, with the solemn blessing and the song To the heavens (Do nebesa) ended the ceremony.