Traditional Mass in Doglodi

About 150 believers met this year at the Holy mass-celebration before the day of Birth of St. John the Baptist on June 23rd at the votive chapel in the Sarajevo settlement of Doglodi that belongs to the parish Stup.

The Eucharistic Celebration was led by rev. Marko Škraba in concelebration with rev. Dražen Kustura. In the introduction to the Holy Mass, he summoned the faithful to the inheritance and to follow St. John’s teaching, especially in his humbleness.

Talking about the gift of life at the preaching ceremony, he emphasized that each child was especially aware of how John the Baptist was God's gift not only to his parents but to people of all peoples and times. “All that John has said has been directed to Jesus Christ. John is often depicted in images of Jesus' baptism. There is still a picture of a dove symbolizing the Holy Spirit. God gave to John the power to recognize Jesus as Savior in the fullness. That is why John, when he saw this sign that God had promised him, could show with his hand to Jesus and joyfully present to the world: 'Here is the divine lamb that takes the sins of the world! This is the one I told you about: After me comes the man who is ahead of me because he was before me”, said, among other things, rev. Škraba.

At the end of the Holy Mass the gathering of the gathered people continued with the lighting of the traditional bonfire, traditional barbeque and the folk sounds.

Together with the parish Stup, organizer of this gathering was HKUD Don Ivan Trobentar Stup. It is worth mentioning that for more than 20 years, the believers of parish Stup, regularly every year at the eve of the Birth of St. John the Baptist, gather in this venerable place to ask this God's favourite to pray for intercession in their own needs.