Two Franciscans ordained for priests in Sarajevo cathedral

The Archbishop of Vrhbosna Vinko cardinal Puljić, on June 29th, gave the holy ordain of presbyters to two deacons of Franciscan province Bosna Srebrena.

Translated by: Ksenija Ninić

During the Holy mass on the feast of St. Peter and Paul, in Sarajevo's cathedral, cardinal Puljić ordained for priests members of the Franciscan province of Bosna Srebrena: OFM Marijo Dadić and OFM Silvijo Zlatarević.

Pray for the new priests
The Archbishop led the Holy mass in concelebration with the provincial of Franciscan province Bosna Srebrena OFM Jozo Marinčić and bishop of German diocese Limburg dr. Georg Batzing, together with a number of priests, among which were educators in Vrhbosna's seminary and Franciscan theology.

After the readings from the gospel, the candidates were introduced by master on Franciscan theology OFM Danijel Nikolić.

After the call of candidates and the guarantee of the superior, the believers of the parish communities where the new priests are coming from and the opinions of the responsible about their suitability for acceptance of the holy order, archbishop Puljić chose them for the order of the presbyter.

To go after Jesus
The Cardinal then, in an appropriate sermon, addressed the ordained reminding them that Jesus called the apostles Peter and Paul, who proved their love for God by sacrificing life for him. He particularly addressed the crisis of the vocation.
„No, it's not a crisis of vocation. The crisis is that many vocations were not born because they prevented them from being born. They killed them before birth. Many vocations did not come to the world. That is why I often use the picture as there are no flowers in the garden. There is nothing for God to pick for the altar. When we talk about a crisis of vocation, we are talking about the crisis of love for life. There will be vocations where life flourishes, and where life flourishes, there is willingness to sacrifice. There, life is love“, the Cardinal said, saying that God was free to call in a variety of ways. He emphasized that priests, monks, and nuns came from a family that is the first nest of spiritual vocations to be prayed for.

The ceremony of ordaining followed, and then the ordained, for the first time, concelebrated with the Archbishop and brother priests.

Partnership between Limburg and Vrhbosna
Then the cardinal congratulated the parents, relatives and educators, as well as the priests of the Archdiocese of Vrhbosna, who celebrated the golden and silver jubilee of the priesthood and gave them gold and silver medals with appropriate testimonies.

At the end of the Mass, a partnership agreement was signed between the diocese of Limburg and the Vrhbosna Archdiocese. Limburg President of the Episcopal Council Ingeborg Schillai presented the content of this document, reminding of the long-term cooperation. „In the time of the war, in January 1993., the bishop of Limburg, Franz Kamphaus, visited Sarajevo and here, with his presence, left cardinal Puljić a great sign of solidarity that is still felt today. This visit, to both dioceses, was a mark of the partnership between the two arch/dioceses that is alive today. This relationship after 25 years can be seen in many other amazing contributions by many people from both dioceses, that have come out of this contact and have become a church partnership and numerous friendly relationships“, said Schillai, among other, expressing hope that this communion through prayer and various forms is to be kept alive in the future.

Cardinal Puljić expressed his gratitude to the diocese of Limburg because of their closeness to the Vrhbosna Church and the people in their heaviest moments of the war and after, and the Limburg bishop said he was delighted to sign the treaty as a sign of long-lasting cooperation and friendship.

Then everyone present, prayed for this cooperation, and then the partnership document was signed by Cardinal Puljić, Bishop Bätzing, President of the Bishop's Council of Limburg Schillai and rev. Dr. Šimo Maršić, Coordinator for Partnership with the Limburg Diocese.