Wounds of St. Francis at Zidine - Skakava Gornja

At the early Christian site - Zidine (Skakava Gornja), where also used to be ancient Franciscan monastery, on September 17th, with a Holy mass led by Msgr. Tomo Vukšić, Military Ordinary in BiH, the feast of Wounds of St. Francis was celebrated.

The concelebration included priests from the Brčko Deanery and Friars from the monasteries in Dubrava, Tuzla, Tolisa and Plehan.

Msgr. Vukšić, in his homily, interpreted the spiritual reality of the stigmas of Christ and their grace in the growth of the Christian faith.

After the Eucharistic celebration, Guardian OFM Niko Josić invited the priests and pilgrims to dine and gather together “under the tents” prepared by the local community of Skakava Gornja. This gathering was enriched by the folklore festival of cultural and artistic societies from the Brčko District and Tuzla.

This celebration was also preceded by spiritual preparation with a triduum. On the first day of the three days, the devotion of the Way of the Cross and the Holy Mass, led by OFM Pero Oršolić, Vicar of the Parish in Dubrave, were organized.

On the second day, Mass was celebrated by OFM Ivan Pilić, Vicar of Monastery and Parish in Dubrave, and before the Mass, the believers prayed the Rosary.

The third day of the triduum was celebrated by the Guardian of Dubrave, OFM Niko. At the end of the Mass there was also the division of the sacrament of anointing of the sick. Throughout all the days of the three-day period, there was an opportunity for confession, which was used by a large number of believers.