XXI meeting of altar servers of the Archdiocese of Vrhbosna

On April 21st in Sarajevo, a XXI meeting of altar servers of Vrhbosna Archdiocese was held. Holy Mass in the cathedral of Sacred heart of Jesus was led by cardinal Vinko Puljić with about 20 more priests concelebrating.

Translated by: Ksenija Ninić

After the Mass celebration the meeting was continued with various activities an knowledge quiz in the premises of Catholic school centre „Sv. Josip“. Acording to the registration the meeting was attended by cca 500 altar servers from 33 parishes of the Archdiocese.

The meeting began with the gathering of the altar servers in the premises of the Vrhbosna theological seminary, where they, together with their companions, priests, monks, nuns, theologians and laymen, went to the Sarajevo cathedral in a procession.

At the beginning of the meeting, the co-ordinator of this year's meeting and vice rector of the seminary, rev. Marko Mikić welcomed the present.

Archbishop Vinko, in his sermon, spoke about Christ as a Good Shepherd and about the altar serving. „Already it is the XXIst time we gather together before the Good Shepherd Sunday. What is the essence of the image of the Good Shepherd? You have seen so many times how we paint Jesus, the Good Shepherd, with a lamb around his neck. The shepherd has the role of keeping the sheep so the wolf does not eat them, but he also takes care to feed the sheep“, the Archbishop explained, telling a proper story about sheep and shepherd.

After the Sermon, there was the gift giving: from the parish of the Holy family from Kupres, cheese and honey were gifted by Valentina Vučuk and Ivan Kusić; from the parish of Sacred Heart of Jesus from Prozor, bread from Rama and cheese were gifted by Petar Krešimir Novaković and Marko Babić; from the parish of St. John the baptist in Travnik, the bowl of cheese was gifted by Elizabeta Tutić and Marijan Marelja; from the parish of Sv. Anthony of Padua from Gračac, cheese from rama, brandy and parish monography were gifted by Teofil Pavlović and Ivan Topić; in the name of the Kreševo Deanery, a shod egg and the book was gifted by Lorena Bilić.

The Mass celebration was animated by VIS Jukić, and in the end the prayer of the Queen of Heaven was prayed.

After the Eucharist and refreshment in the Vrhbosna theology Seminary, the altar servers went to the courtyard and the premises of the Catholic school centre „Sv. Josip“, where a cultural-sports-recreational program was organized.

The competition part took place in several disciplines: small football for two ages, quiz of knowledge, chess and games without limits. The theology students and volunteers of the Archdioceses youth centre Ivan Pavao II were responsible for the organisation.

The coordinator of the meeting, rev. Mikić, adressed the present and wished them good luck and fun in the competition.

After several hours of competitions, cheering and fighting, the program ended with the prize awarding.

The first place in the quiz of knowledge was won by Viktorija Zeko from the parish of Novi Travnik. In games without borders the first place was won by the parish of the Ascension of Lord from Novi Travnik. The best chess player was Luka Šarić from Vitez. In the board game, the first place was won by Juliana Batista from Busovača. In table tennis the best was David Ostojić from N. Travnik.

In football for the younger age, the best were the altar servers from the parish of Prozor, and in the competition for the older age the first place was won by a team from Rumboci. The meeting ended with handing out the winning cups and diplomas.